PowerOak Bluetti PS6S / AC50s 500Wh solar AC/DC generator


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With more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector, we as PowerOak / Bluetti feel obliged to offer premium complete solutions for all sustainable energy supply systems to be self-sufficient.


About PowerOak Bluetti PS6S AC50S
The PowerOak Bluetti PS6s AC50s is a compact and powerful portable power station with built-in 500 watt hours from the automotive industry. It is the perfect powerful companion for the use of your devices (up to max. 300w (nominal power / peak power) such as televisions, mini ice boxes, LED lamps, drones, cameras, notebooks, routers, projectors, smartphones and an LED lamp as lighting and emergency aid during a power outage.

  • Battery capacity: 500 watt hours, lithium-ion battery (3C rate) from the automotive industry, more than 1000 charge and discharge cycles.
  • Rated output: max. 300 watts continuously
  • Charging via solar module: MPPT, 12-40V, Max.120W, Max.10A
  • Charge 11 devices at the same time
  • Regulated 12V output, ideal for devices that are powered by a car cigarette lighter,
  • 4 charging modes: wall socket, solar modules, car cigarette lighter and generator (petrol, diesel or gas)

PowerOak Bluetti PS6s / AC50s 500Wh portable power station, energy for indoor and outdoor Camper / Van Life, Photographers, Adventurers and Travelers

  • The 500 watt hour energy storage for smaller devices with no more than 300W power (nominal power / peak power).
  • 2x 230 volt AC sockets, 2x 12V / 3A direct current outputs, 1x regulated 12V / 10A output with max. 120 watts, 1x fast charging protocol PD 45W max., 4x USB-A 5V / 3A
  • Simultaneous charging and AC output function
  • Charging via wall socket / generator (petrol, diesel or gas), car, charging via solar modules using MPPT
  • The LED lamp with 3 modes (highest brightness / half brightness and SOS flashing light.
  • Portable and light: (26 x 20 x 19.6 cm; 6.02 KG)
Wireless chargin with 10W

500 watt hour backup battery
With 500 watt hours of energy storage, it can provide you with energy in any emergency situation.

  • Notebook (45W): Charge 11-14 times
  • LED lamp (5W): 85 hours
  • TV (60W): 7-9 hours
  • Laptop (45W): 11-14 times
  • LED light (5W): 85hours
  • TV (60W): 7-9hours
  • Mini fridge (45W): 11-14hrs
  • CPAP (60w): 7Hrs
  • Tips: Note: Does not support devices with a power greater than 300 W.

Charging via wall socket / solar modules / generator / car cigarette lighter

  • Wall socket using the 90 watt power charger included in the scope of delivery - approx. 6 hours charging time
  • Poweroak S120 120W- approx. 5.5 to 6 hours charging time (solar module available separately)
  • Charging via the car cigarette lighter
  • @ 12V - approx. 5.5 hours charging time
  • @ 24V - approx. 2.5 hours charging time
  • Generator using the 90 watt mains charger included in the scope of delivery - approx. 6 hours charging time

Built-in MPPT solar charge controller for quick charging via solar modules

  • A built-in MPPT solar charge controller in the PowerOak Bluetti PS6s AC50s ensures up to 40% fast charging time with solar modules.
  • An MPPT solar charge controller is built into the PowerOak Bluetti PS6s AC50s. No additional device is required.
  • Recommended solar module: PowerOak Bluetti S120 S160 and S200 solar module. We are not responsible for the use of third-party modules.

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