PowerOak K3 133Wh / 36.000mAh MacBook powerbank

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PowerOak K3 36000mah powerbank for MacBook


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  • Power bank designed for Apple MacBook / MacBook Air / newest MacBook Pro (13&15inch) with thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port and other PD Type-C digital devices like laptop / tablets / smartphones: Wide voltage range from 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V. Broad compatibility for various PD USB-C Devices. Huge capacity 36000mAh / 133,2Wh. Once fully charged, our PowerOak K3 portable power bank can charge your newest MacBook (41.4Wh cell) 2,2 times, MacBook Air (54Wh cell) 1,7 times, MacBook Pro 13inch (54.5Wh/49.2Wh cell) 1,7-1,9 times, MacBook Pro (76Wh cell) 1,2 times, iPhone X about 8,6 times.
  • Flexibly recharged by AC/PD Type-C: You can recharge the PowerOak K3 power bank by AC adapter charger and PD2.0 Type-C adapter. Input / Output Type-C support charge and discharge with the same port.
  • All in one fast charge: It is featured with 4 output ports. One 16,8V/4,6A for MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with Magsafe 1 or Magsafe 2, One PD 2.0 Type C 5V / 9V / 12V / 15V / 20V / 3A for 12inch MacBook , newest MacBook Pro (13&15inch) with thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port and other PD Type-C digital devices like laptop / tablet / smartphone with Type C connector. Two 5V/2,1A for smart phones, iPad, tablet and more 5V USB-charged devices. You can charge several devices simultaneously to save you much time.
  • Durable & SAFE guaranteed: Constructed with A-grade Lithium-ion polymer battery Cells, 1000+ long recharge cycles, lifespan & multi-protect safety system ensures safe use and complete protection for you and your devices. Smart IC technology automatically selects the most efficient charging current to recharge the batteries with low energy consumption. Four intelligent LED indicators show the remaining power capacity.
  • What you will receive: 1 x Laptop power bank (PowerOak K3), 1 x AC charger, 1 x Type C to Type C cable, 1 x DC to MacBook T connector cable, 1x DC to MacBook F connector cable, 1 x multifunctional bag, 1 x Manual. We are the manufacturer. Each and every product is designed, researched, developed and produced by ourselves. PowerOak uses the newest technology and the best qualified raw materials, so we have full confidence to provide our customer a 12 months hassle-free 100% satisfaction warranty.

PowerOak energy anytime, anywhere
PowerOak stands for quality and our products are the best proof of it.

The first one and the most compatible solar power bank specially designed for Apple laptops -MacBook / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro. THIS IS A NEW VERSION WITH UPGRADED USB C PD2.0 PROTOCOL

If you’re looking for a ideal power companion for your Apple laptops, then this PowerOak 36000mAh power bank (Model K3, Upgraded Version) is the perfect battery pack for you. It can handle all Apple laptops up to 87 Watt from year 2006-2018 and other laptops / smartphones/ tablets with PD Type-C port. Wide voltage range from 5V / 9V / 12V / 15V to 20V, ensures it can be compatible many PD type-C digital devices. Power bank will auto-detect the proper voltage to charge your PD Type-C devices.

It packs a 36,000mAh battery capacity to give your laptop an extra life and four output ports to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet simultaneously.

You can take this portable power bank along whenever you have power needs and wherever you are camping, hunting, travelling, at office or home.

- Huge capacity 36000mAh / 133,2Wh (Allowed to take on airplane)
- Two Recharge Methods: AC wall outlet / Type-C
- Support charge and discharge at the same time
- DC to Magsafe 1 cable, DC to Magsafe 2 cable and Type-C to Type-C cable are included
- Safety guaranteed: bulit in high quality lithium-ion polymer battery cell, UL certificated.
- Net weight:1,98 lbs (0,9kg). Dimensions:5,34 in (w) x 1 in (h) x 7,78 in (d) / 13,6 x 2,6 x 19,8 cm
- We use the industrial grade materials and built in durable materials to resist accidents and prolonged use. All accessories are included.

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PowerOak K2 50.000mAh laptop power bank

With PowerOak K2 you have energy anytime anywhere. Powers almost all laptops, except MacBook and USB-C laptop
PowerOak K2

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